Nafiza Taj Jelassi

Nafiza has been teaching & inspiring students for years. Under her academic guidance, our students achieve great heights. As Academic Manager, she guides FeLT programs, in order to ensure excellence.

Literacy Specialist

Literacy Specialist

Flora Chen

Flora is an ESL teacher and knows all the challenges faced by immigrants, being one herself.  She is multi-skilled and here to teach wellness, fitness and positive body image. 


Nancy Fabiola

Nancy is our Literacy Specialist and advocate for immigrants and women. She teaches ESL and basic Literacy for our FeLT classes.


Sarah A. Custen

Sarah is a Utah-born, Brooklyn-based language lover & educator. She has previously lived & worked in Tokyo and Madrid and is thrilled to be working with FeLT's phenomenal beginners in East Harlem.

Founder & Director of FeLT NYC

Founder & Director of FeLT NYC

Caroline McKinnon

Caroline is an Immigrant from the UK.  She has over twenty years of Education & Management experience. Her passion is ESL, and this has taken her to all corners of the globe.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Noga Laor

Noga is an International Teacher Trainer and Education specialist.  She has advised schools on program & curriculum design.  Noga brings a wealth of knowledge to Team FeLT.


Jules R. Simon

Jules is a writer, an immigrant & a humanist who believes that education and common sense are the pillars of a progressive society. She supports FeLT with digital marketing & content.


Charu Dyal

Anna Kosierkiewicz

Veronica Garcia

Sara Griffiths

Joshua Stone

Tory Rust

Amber Chandler