FeLT NYC means Friends Engaging and Learning Together in NYC.

By that standard, FeLT NYC aims to promote cross-cultural education and understanding through our unique attributes, talents and skills.

  • This organization is a two-way street - we encourage women of every culture to share, teach and learn from each other. This is how it should be, because this is our America.
  • We engage groups of immigrant and refugee women and youth who seek to learn more about their adopted home, in order to help them feel safer and empowered.
  • This approach of learning by sharing empowers and emboldens all those involved. It also leads to a deeper understanding and connection for all.

We feel that the need for action is NOW. We are firm believers of love's ability to trump hate. We are dedicated to welcoming and supporting those who chose America as their haven, because it is the best way to help them contribute to the continuous growth of this already-great country.

We’ve chosen to spell our name with a lower-case “e” because Fe stands for iron on the elemental chart and “iron” stands for strength. There is strength in friendship, in unity, in numbers, all of which is present and promoted in FeLT NYC.

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt