We are a growing group of New York women concerned with the divisive and toxic rhetoric against immigrants, women and education. We belong to different races and religions. We come from different nations. We are passionate and inclusive human beings. Most importantly, we are all AMERICA.

Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the people who helped us take an idea and turn it into FeLT NYC.



Special thanks to the amazing organization Enhanced Events for sponsoring Team FeLT on their trip to Washington DC in May.  FeLT will be presenting a panel on Education and Immigration at the Win With Women conference 2018.  Our participation wouldn't have been possible without the support of Enhanced Events.



With a shared vision to empower people and strengthen connections through language, our close friends and partners at Rennert International have offered their Manhattan @Rennert New York Language School school's facilities for our classes.




Thanks to Bec Development Ltd https://www.becdevelopment.co.uk

a training, coaching and coach training organisation in the UK who heard about our backpack initiative from our founder Caroline McKinnon and sent us over flash drives, pens and jelly beans to put in them.




We are teachers.

We are writers.

We are professionals.

We are  artists.

We are  actors.





Our wonderful logo was created by Samarra Khaja, one of our fierce supporters and an incredibly talented designer. Explore her beautiful works here.




If you would like to partner with FeLT NYC and join our super-powered team, please fill out the form below and one our staff members will be in touch.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
— Michael Jordan

FeLt are honored to partner with NYU Bellevue Survivors of Torture Program. Delivering Literacy and ESL classes to these amazing students on their journey in NYC. Please check them out: http://www.survivorsoftorture.org

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