My name is Angeles, and I am a Dreamer.  Such a weird name, I mean, don't all 20 year-olds dream?  I came to the US when I was two, and I really had no idea that we were undocumented. It wasn't until I needed my social security number to get a job that my mom explained it.   My life is not easy, but I love it. My friends are awesome and so are my teachers.  The current world, however, isn't.  My family is from El Salvador. Mom was the only survivor of violence in her town.  She gave up everything to bring me here.  She didn't care about papers, in the sense that she only cared about safety.  She worked all the hours she could so that I could have the same clothes, the same experience as my peers.  She encouraged and supported me to register with DACA.  It isnt an easy process to get this status-- you have to be better than everyone.  I am not, but I am good, I didn't act up and I didn't do bad stuff because that was dangerous.  

FeLT helped me with my college applications, I wanted them to stand out, but I didn't want to tell anyone from school about my dreams to be a teacher, I wanted to prove I could do it alone.  I did, I applied and was accepted to my first choice school.

I am in college now, and I am training to be a teacher, I want to help kids in the same way that my teachers helped me.  But now I don’t even know if I will graduate. I feel unmotivated.  Why do I bother, when all of this, the cost of study, the friends I make, the future I am building, can be ripped away from me? I have no answers.  I hope someone does.